• Local MoveLocal Move

    This application allows the moving of multiple selected elements in a direction specified. All selected elements are moved ...

  • Instance Parameter Bulk EditInstance Parameter Bulk Edit

    Bulk edit any length using this app. Add, subtract, multiply or divide the current Parameter value by typing ...

  • Point cloud draftingPoint cloud drafting

    We also provide drafting service with various input starting from sketches, scanned paper plans, pdfs, cad files to point cloud ...

  • Tabouk Master PlanTabouk Master Plan

    Location: Tabouk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Year: 2015
    Area:  Total:
    Description: Existing Hotel expansion, 3 Mixed Use Buildings and Shopping Mall.

  • Automotive Development Phase 2Automotive Development Phase 2

    Location: Dubai Investment Park, Dubai
    Year: 2014
    Area:  Total: 29700 m2. ALAC 9800 m2, Lexus 6900 m2, Toyota 13000 m2

  • DIP Residential BuildingDIP Residential Building

    Location: Dubai Investment Park, Dubai
    Year: 2016
    Area: 24700 m2
    Description: 132 Apartments with inner court Swimming pool